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Seymour Orthopedics

Seymour Orthopedics has been providing orthopedic care to Jackson County, IN and the surrounding areas since 1983. With two physicians, a steady stream of referrals from nearby Schneck Memorial Hospital and local family doctors, this practice was content in maintaining their patient base without use of any traditional advertising. However, when the decision was made to add a third physician to the practice, they recognized they could no longer just maintain status quo. Realizing it was time for the help of an agency, they turned to Group Nine for expertise.

Group Nine began with a basic identity and branding package including creation of a logo, website and collateral materials. Once the new look of the Seymour Orthopedics practice was established, the brand was launched to the public with a direct mail campaign. During the first two months of the campaign, the client saw a 25% percent increase in patient billing over the previous year. In addition, the number of Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) performed in the first half of 2009 exceeded the previous year’s numbers by 36%, and several of those IMEs were scheduled through a new referral source. If the number of IMEs continues to grow at this rate, Seymour Orthopedics is on track to triple the number of exams performed from the previous year.


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